Find a good copier for your office

A photocopier machine for making copies of documents and visual images quickly. Photocopiers are different from inkjets. Inkjets are used mostly on smaller devices and photocopier suppliers Melbourne offers the best of copies that you want. The common types of copier machines:

  1. Colour Copiers

These copiers are available in black as well as in color. These color copiers are used mostly for business purposes consisting of four drums and for toner cartridges it consists of four primary colors namely yellow, magenta, black, and cyan. When these colors are mixed together, it leads to the creation of some other colors.

  1. Mono copies

These mono copies of photocopier suppliers Melbourne deal with usually one color tone that is the black color. All of these machines are available in varying ranges starting from low end to all high speed and high-volume devices having a printing speed of more than 100 pages per minute.

  1. Network copiers

These are the machines connected to the office networks for allowing remote printing. These are the PC Faxing designing to scan to functionality. The digital copiers have the multifunctional built-in network cards that can be available separately also.

  1. Desktop copiers

These desktop copiers are made for A4 size papers or other small papers also. These are the small copiers or they are even multi-functional copiers that are designed for placing on the desks.


Photocopiers are an essential part of business and should be used properly and appropriately.