To Entertain and Educate – To YouTube

When there are innumerable channels showing up each day, the question then arises as to how a particular channel can have a huge viewership. You tube is not only about showcasing your talents but also is about earning money out of it. Going by the rules a channel can earn around $2-$4 per thousand views. So, now it is clear that a heavy viewer base is essential to earn a handsome here. Otherwise the time and money you invest in making a video does not turn out fruitful.  Adopting certain techniques, you can get youtube views increased amazingly over time.

  • Channel name: When a potential viewer searches for a topic he must be able to get your channel in the list of results. This can happen only if the name chosen is easily identifiable with the topic associated. Any name in the vernacular language will attract viewers only belonging to that language. So in that way you may miss out some audience.
  • Thumbnail: Is it not true that when we browse through You tube certain channels catch our attention just because of the thumbnail they have set? An attractive thumbnail brings in viewers to accidentally visit your channel and thereby contributing to regular views.

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  • Captions that arouse interest: Mention captions that keep the viewer guessing and anxious to visit the channel. Make sure the content is connected to the caption too or the viewers may identify this as yet another gimmick.
  • Target audience: Identify who your target audience is. If you are making videos for children then the content, caption etc should be maintained accordingly. If the video is for adult audience then do not bring in children in the videos and restrict your content to what you intend to convey.
  • Regularity: Be regular in posting videos. Since this is a kind of profession; commitment towards it can only bring in views. The more regular you are the more regular the audience will be too. Otherwise amidst so many channels yours would go unnoticed.
  • Be crisp and to the point: Shorter videos with good content are always liked by all since it does not swallow much of their time and they get what they wanted. If you go beating around the bush then possibility of more views is reduced.
  • Respond: Last but not the least always respond to the queries of the audience because if not for them the purpose of the channel is lost.