About Slip Disc Treatment

One of the most common injuries is disk slippage. Damage can affect any vertebra of our spine, but this occurs mainly in the lumbar region of the back. What happens is that the disc ruptures with the leak of a gel-like substance that is in the disc, the disc may also swell and protrude between the vertebrae. There are many different ways of slip disc treatment in Singapore that we will cover here.

Common treatments for disk slippage:

There are various ways to do this to treat a slip disk. Some people try one form of treatment and then change if they do not get relief, while some doctors may recommend a combination of different treatment options at the same time.

  • Try to relax at the beginning, but only for a short time. Too much rest will cause the muscles to lose strength.
  • Muscle relaxants are very useful for relieving sore muscles near the disc.
  • Ice packs and warmth are also very helpful in relieving pain.
  • Stretching is a form of therapy that helps reduce pressure in the nerve roots.
  • No steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSADs) will help lower blood pressure during the healing process.
  • Chiropractic treatment involves manipulating the spine and can sometimes relieve pressure caused by disk slippage.
  • A small operation, such as a micro discectomy, may be necessary to remove some bone in an attempt to release the compressed nerve.
  • Oral steroids are helpful in reducing inflammation.
  • Epidural injections are used to relieve instant pain and reduce inflammation. This treatment is usually for emergencies.
  • Your doctor or physiotherapist may recommend exercise to keep your body and spine active and increase recovery time.