The Promised Pastor of Shincheonji!!!!!

The Promised Pastor of Shincheonji is Lee Man-Hee. Lee Man-Hee is a descendant from the lineage of the Korean Kings. He was born on September 15th in the year 1931. He had the habit of praying since he was a kid. He had a life that was completely devoted to the faith of the Lord. After Lee Man-hee heard a voice from heaven asking him to serve the tabernacle Temple; he started serving the temple by devoting himself completely to it. He is always there to serve the needy and also to fulfill the work of God.

The Work of God!!!

Graduation courses are also offered in this Church. Many graduates passed out from the biggest theology school. They had a huge celebration after they got graduated and worked hard enough to study the work of God. This graduation ceremony has happened in the year 2019. They were around one lakh graduates from a single denomination.  There are around 29 countries that have our mission centers all over the places. The Philippines, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Australia, Netherland, France, Canada, Germany, China, Japan, India, Italy, Austria, Spain, and many more are included in these countries.

The holy book ‘’ Book of Revelation’’

The main concept which is taught in this university is about the Bible. They will have sessions about Bible and exams related to the knowledge of the Bible. The people here are so much filled with positive energy that day truly believe whatever they do is the work of God. The university believes in giving the education about helping neighbors and achieving high standards of morality in the world of humanity. This organization also gives the certification after completion of the graduation course. It is valid in all areas of the world.

This certificate can be used to apply for the position of pastor in any church in the world. This organization is a place where they worship Jesus. And also learn about all the Commandments in the Bible. They believe that this is not about reading and memorizing the Bible. But it is about living the life which synchronizes with the Commandments in the Bible. This organization strongly believes that the people who understand God’s will,  always help others. If you take any work, right from harvesting to reaping, every work is done according to God’s will. Doing any work which goes against the commandments of the Bible is meant to be immoral.