How To Get The TABC License For Wine And Beer Brewing And Sales?

Opening a bar seems to be an easy task but apart from choosing the most perfect blends to make the perfect mixes for your customers what comes along with this bar are a lot of permits and licenses that need to be applied and obtained before you commercially open your bar for the public.

There is a large extent of legal entities that need to be taken care of while opening a bar. This is because if these licenses and permits are not taken care of these can cause severe loopholes in the taxing and payment and with it also the bar would be close since you as an owner would not be certified by the government for brewing. Therefore in simple words, if your licenses are not in place then this can be regarded as a serious offense and cost you huge. Thus it’s always better to have your tabc license applied for and obtained for you think upof brewing those delicious mixes and drinks.

A small briefing to liquor license

A liquor license is an allowance that is given to the brewer by the government in relation to which the brewer can sell alcoholic beverages. Though it does seem to be easy there are quite a few steps that need to be completed before obtaining this permit from the government.

Costing range of the liquor licenses

The costing of the liquor licenses can vary at a big range as per what state it is and what type of license do you want to acquire. The full liquor licenses cost from something around $12,000 to $400,000 whereas the license cost for small-time beer and wine brewing is as low as $300. Although these are standardized costs it is better to have a small talk or a consult with a bar owner or any local brewer that has his or her bar scope as same as yours.

Types of wine and beer licenses

There are 3 main types of licenses that can be acquired these are:

  • Therestaurant license:  this type of license is for restaurants that have a bar. This license particularly permits a certain level of earnings that can be made from alcoholic beverages. In most cases, the number is 40%.
  • The Beer and wine license:if the type of alcohol sold is not hard or distilled liquor and only contains wine and beer then this license is what you need to acquire.  
  • The Tavern license: if more earnings are earned by alcohol than food and your main intention behind the license is the bar then tavern license is the right thing to obtain.

Hence, it can be said that though a thing of opening a bar is not wrong it is important to have tabc license for an easy brewing and selling experience.