Knowing More about Vineyards through Pokolbin Wine

Exceptional heritage meets an exciting innovation of Pokolbin, the beautiful town in a heart of Hunter Valley. You will discover the cellar doors with award-winning wineries, stunning vineyard restaurants as well as wonderful events filled with food, music, fun and wine. The Hunter Valley is located around 2 hours from Sydney is an oldest wine making area in Australia as well as is regarded as a home to the best wines of the world. It’s around 12000 square km in size. 

Making a Visit

Pokolbin is a hub of wine region that includes the villages of Dalwood, Wollombi, Cessnock, Rothbury, and Lovedale.  Pokolbin Estate has the unusual, and good, multi-vintage and multi-varietal range of wines collection always accessible on sale. Riesling is a real riesling, and not misnamed semillon, latter being their best wines ever, and wines in Screwcap dates back 6 or 7 vintages, and a single vineyard to boot, are also available.  The HunterValley is one amazing holiday destination particularly for people looking to spend some days or week to taste the wide range of best wines in Australia. There are a lot to select from and it’s really a good idea leaving your car at home. 

Enjoy Your Ride

Pokolbin comprises of the vineyards and tiny villages of Mount View, Rothbury and Lovedale. Visiting Hunter Valley area is essential if you’re vacationing in Sydney in winters or summers. Hop on the guided tour bus or enjoy your ride to the area with lush greenery on the opposite sides and open road. This Hunter valley area in the New South Wales appears to be the best wine regions in Australia with more than 150 Vineyards. You can drive straight to Pokolbin from main city centre of Sydney that can take two to three hours, depending on the traffic. Heaven for all the Wine lovers, the town is situated in the rural area with 63 acres of the vineyards starting from Cessnock in south to New England Highway towards north. 

Hunter Valley Vineyard

Have Fun

Hunter Wine Theatre & Hunter Valley School provides fascinating insights in the winemaking procedure from the vineyard to bottle. You can watch 30 min of film in this theatre before you start tasting wines, whereas this wine school is 2-hour tour, which includes the cellarmaster tutorial. Food and wine are the best combination, and you will find acclaimed & hatted restaurants also here, like Muse Restaurant. You can celebrate finer things at an annual HunterValley Wine & Food Festival. You can visit Pokolbin Farm for the local produce and browse delicious stalls at Hunter Wine Markets.


Thus, vineyards are a central to wine industry and this vineyard is well known as the place to grow grapes.