Kennedy Half A Dollar And Its Importance In The USA

The US government minted the kennedy half dollar in the memory of Kennedy. It was just minted after the murder of the president of John f. Kennedy. The whole nation was sad, but the opposition using this moment as an opportunity. It minted coins in respect of the president and earned all the sympathy in the people. Well, it was a political move. Through that coin, the president is still remembered. Yet that coin is not in exchange now, but its specialty does not vanish.


It was made of 90% silver and 10% copper. But its purity is reduced after a time. Most of the citizens were trying to hoard kennedy half dollar. The silver percentage was reduced to 40%. It was an alloy of silver, copper, and gold in the 1970s; its composition was changed to outer layer 80% silver and inner layer 20% copper. It has a diameter of 20.6 mm. Coins minted after the 1970s are made up of more copper than silver. It has presidents left profile craved on it. And on the other side Parliament was craved with the great seal of the USA. That seal makes it legal. Coins without that seal are fake coins.

1921 silver dollar

Face value and value

As it is made of completely silver, its cost value was far more than its face value. Citizens also hoarded it. After melting it, they sold and stored its silver. After years the government also got to know that they lowered the percentage of silver from it. It used that silver in making war weapons. Its minting and exchange are out of practice since 2017.

Kennedy coin in 2020

It was minted in 1964-1980. No such coin is left in the market. But still, if you are interested in watching it, you can find it in a museum or bank gallery. Its purity percentage and minting design are still discussed. After this great honor to the president, similar coins for other presidents are also craved in their remembrance. For many years this became a way of felicitation for presidents.