How To Cancel-Interview In A Professional Manner?

There may have been times where you had to cancel the interview due to one or the other reason. But the problem occurs when it comes to cancellation. How shall we cancel an interview in a professional manner? The idea of canceling an interview does not create a good impression on the interviewer but what do we do when the only option left with us is a cancellation, you should always be ready and prepare for this situation and for that you need to gain some knowledge of how to cancel-interview in a professional manner.

Tips to cancel a job interview

Getting nervous before the job interview is a common and natural phenomenon but canceling an interview when you are left with no other choice becomes more stressful. For an employer, canceling the interview is a part of his/her job and must have done it many times but for an employee, canceling an interview can be a life-changing experience and situation. In both cases, one shall have all the required knowledge and skills that shall be met with the understanding level of the other person, so let us have a look at the tips that both the positions should know and must follow.

In case an employee wants to cancel-interview


The best way to cancel any interview is by following the same method by which it was scheduled. If it was a telephonic interview or an invitation by mail interview, you should follow the same method. In case you are invited for an interview via mail, then you should call an interviewer and let him or her know about the cancellation overcall because the chances of checking emails are now decreased. Hence if you wish to cancel-interview then you must follow these small tips:

  • Informing the interviewer in advance. If you inform them before 24 hours then there are chances of the interview to get rescheduled.
  • The reason must be clear and honest. Make sure that the reason you provide for cancellation is acceptable enough by the interviewer.
  • If you really want to give that interview, then you must ask them if there are any chances of rescheduling or not.

In case an employer wants to cancel the interview

An employer canceling the interview is not a rare situation. The reason for canceling the interview, in this case, is similar to the above one though some peculiarities are considered to be important.

  • Contact and inform the applicant about the cancellation of the interview as soon as you get the information so that no discrepancy is created.
  • If you really wish to fill that position by a potential person, then you shall reschedule the interview date as soon as possible.

Any job interview for a person is a very important stage in every individual’s life and the difficulty comes your way when you do not know the way to cancel it in a professional manner. Thus we hope that this article provides you enough information aboutcanceling an interview in a professional manner. Click on https://www.itguyresumes.com/cancel-interview/ to find more.