Get Complete Information on GDAX

GDAX or Gdax is short for the General Digital Asset Exchange; this is one kind of cryptocurrency Exchange Company that is owned by the Coinbase. GDAX offers the advanced tools compared to Coinbase for the people who would like to trade cryptocurrencies often.

Which Coins you can buy on the GDAX?

The highly disappointing feature of making use of GDAX is number of coins that are available to purchase, sell or trade is limited. Actually, at a time of writing, exchange just supports 4 cryptocurrencies. They are Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) that is same as the Coinbase. As per the gdax and Coinbase team, exchanges hope to begin supporting more and more coins shortly. However, what we know is Ethereum Classic soon will become fifth coin to get supported on the GDAX that is been expected to happen soon!

The cryptocurrency projects are very keen to have the coin listed on the Coinbase and the GDAX as they have over 13 million of customers and platforms make this simple to use the real-world money. For instance, team behind XRP is trying hard to get the coin listed on the Coinbase and the GDAX for long time, with this team offering to lend these platforms $100 million of worth XRP! When the rumors were released this deal was actually going through, value of the XRP went crazy! But, when it was revealed Ripple was not going to get added, the value dropped down!

In fact, if you’re looking for the exchange that supports plenty of various cryptocurrencies, GDAX may not at all suit you. There‘re some other exchanges like Binance that list many different coins, and with more getting added every time. To help you know, it’s possible to trade 4 supported coins against the fiat currencies like EUR and USD that is one cool feature!