Iceland – The northern lights spectacle

One of the greatest wonders of the world are the northern lights, they are truly spectacular. And if you have a chance to see them don’t miss the opportunity, the best way to do this is by booking an Iceland northern lights tour. You can get up close and personal with it.

Why book this tour?

How many of you have seen the norther lights up close and personal, not many I assume, so that’s the number one reason why you should book it. You get to experience something you’ve never experienced before. And when you book a package you won’t have to do anything, they have everything ready from national parks to beaches, and spending the nights under the lights. They will also provide you with meals and accommodations, and you can even try some popular Icelandic dishes as well. So honestly you are getting a completely new experience.

How much is it?

Now the cost of these tours depends on various factors, you have to consider how long the trip is, what season it is and such. For an Iceland northern lights tour for 10 days will cost you about $3688 and upwards per person. Yes it is pretty expensive but it is totally worth it. And make sure you bring a little more just in case you want to spend more outside the itinerary.

How to book?

It’s very simple, all you have to do is go on the euhoilday.com site, choose the trip you want. You can look and see what they offer, then click on the “book now” then fill out the information they ask from you, and then you’re finished.