Some of criteria for choosing a laptop

Before choosing a laptop , we invite you to inquire about the criteria of choice to make. Here we have listed the most important criteria that will impact your usage and the purchase price. From the screen size, to the type of processor, computer sales baytown tx  through the graphics card, the connections…

How to choose your laptop: Summary

Here in summary and by way of summary, the points you need to look to choose your computer . These points are valid for laptops, but the most part, for desktop computers as well.

Choosing the right processor

To understand how to choose your processor, we must take into account the 4 characteristics that constitute it and are given in the data sheets of manufacturers and distributors:

  • The model : Intel Core, AMD, Céléron …
  • The number of Heart : 1, 2, 4 …
  • The frequency : corresponds to the speed

The processor cache

For the moment, the best processor models are Intel models  computer sales baytown tx. They are divided into 3, from least good to best: i3, i5, i7. But keep in brain that what matter is the in general configuration .

Then comes the number of cores: it is simply the possibility for a processor to perform several tasks simultaneously . A four hearts will be of which in theory better of a double hearts, but we will see later that not always .

The frequency was once the only reference we had to choose the processor. It corresponds to the speed of execution of a task . (The higher the frequency, the faster your computer will go) . The frequency mentioned in the data sheets corresponds to the cumulative number of cores: a frequency of 2.6 Ghz in four cores, thus corresponds to 4 cores of frequency 650 MHz.

This is significant because if you do not require to do a group of everyday jobs at the same time, it’s better to take a duo of 2 x 1.3 Ghz than a quatro of 650 Mhz , your computer will be faster in the first case, if you only perform one or two tasks at the same time.

Finally, the processor cache memory keeps data in memory for faster access elsewhere. The higher it is, the faster your computer will be.

Choose your graphics card

The graphics card , also called videocassette card and before VGA card , is a certificate that will create the picture before distribution it to your screen. It is characterize by: His devoted video memory