Hamed Wardak created for himself quite the journey. From a businessman, he became a philanthropist. And now a musician and producer. He now produces cutting-edge techno music. His music is often focused on cultures. The name of his performance alias is Valen of Wicked. Valen of Wicked’s musical landscape is raw but created in a meticulous way. It is angry but provokes thoughts. It is full of the passion that fuels its creator. Valen in Valen of Wicked symbolizes two things. The honor and courage of Wardak’s character forged by a lot of challenges he overcame in life. Wicked taps into the darkness rooted in us. This darkness in Hamed Wardak begins to shine as he channels it into music. Music that the world could hear.

High-quality electronic music takes a broad skill set. As well as a significant amount of discipline. Hamed Wardak infuses those qualities along with diligent self-control. As well as hungry determination. These help him succeed in the business pursuits. Hamed Wardak became Valen of Wicked. A youthful master of the software applications. As well as the sound production technique. He also has a deep understanding of the techno music panorama. His hard work and focus paved the way for Valen of Wicked. He became a staple within the electronic and international music niche.

How Valen of Wicked stays motivated

Hamad Wardak accomplished enough for a few lifetimes over. He climbed the business ladder at a very early age. He then spent years in his philanthropic work. He saved the lives of children and refugees from all over the world.

Hamed has several ways to keep himself agile and on the move. Physical health is critical to him. He starts each of his days with a two or three hour-long trip to the gym. His early morning physical maintenance keeps his body and mind in shape. It also energizes him for each day ahead.

Art is a creative attempt fueled by talent and imagination. But it needs discipline. It takes a lot of dedication. Especially if you want to hone your craft the way Hamed has. There are a lot of physical skills needed for instruments and production software. You must stay focused to push forward. And to expand on your art. This is if you want your art to be successful. It is difficult to penetrate the music industry. Every aspect of your approach must be well thought of. You cannot be the best artist you could be without focus.

What music is all about

Hamed emphasizes that music should help people. They should discover the fun and crazy sides of themselves. People need to let loose. Go a little nutty. And have fun with those they call family and friends. It takes incredible courage to develop as a musician. More so to be able to inspire people to let loose and dance. Hamed Wardak as Valen of Wicked does this every time he performs.

He also uses his music to communicate with the youth. Especially those who struggle in life. People, including the youth, need someone who can speak for them. Hamed gives these young people a voice. This is through his original brand of electronic music flavor.