Stop Economic Difficulties – Raise Everyone’s Awareness

The reason why people are trapped with economic difficulties is the lack of awareness. Did you know the financial crisis went rampant? It affects a lot of lives from different parts of the world, including Iceland. The people in the country are also facing economic difficulties in which not everyone is aware of it. The fact that the country has massive glaciers, it affects the living of the people. Not everyone is living in a good life status as they are hindered with these tons of snow around. It could be hard for them to go out daily and earn an income. Thus, society finds it hard to deal with economic difficulties plus intimidating environmental problems.

Start to have a transformation

What makes technology a better economic change in this era? Technology has been highly accepted in some other parts of the world. Since Icelanders are facing big issues with their economy and environment, it could be hard for them to find answers. However, Hamed Wardak never stops to help people by introducing music events. If you are not aware of events that help people open their awareness of the activities happening in society, today is the right time. Hamed Wardak has a remarkable life story that made him come up with the vision for broader stability and peace in his region.

Hamed Wardak

However, he never stops his vision in his region but extended to some parts of the world. Thus, Iceland is included in his vision. Hamed is shaping the cultural mindset of Icelanders that brought awareness to them. The Airwaves festival as an annual music event involves lectures for all the attendees. Thus, people will not just enjoy the sound of music but raising their awareness of the current situation of the society. The music event will be an instrument to start the transformation in Iceland.

Protest and optimism

As you can see, Icelanders are very active when it comes to protesting. The reason why they always come up with the idea of protesting is the problem of the global climate crisis. Now, it is evident that the people in the country have been through the economic crisis and climate change. Both dilemmas are existing up to now. Thus, the music event during the Airwaves festival can be a big help to the transformation of the political, economy, and culture of the country. The only key is to attend the festival as it teaches a lot of learnings in the present social difficulties.

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