November is the war month of family recognition

Passionately patriotic: one of the reasons I adopted the military lifestyle as the wife of a young and recently married navy was because of the patriotic response I saw from other experienced military wives. I never saw such patriotism until I stood at the pier for the first time surrounded by thousands of other military families for the magnificent return of the battleship, in which my husband Ray served.

Military families deeply care for their nation

At heart, they know that they are part of something noble, even if they don’t wear uniforms. When they get married, Uncle Sam becomes their demanding father-in-law, who hopes that they too will “serve”, but behind the curtains in loyal support according to SOFREP. When a member of the service quits or leaves military service, there is an indelible mark of patriotism and Americanism. They become a beacon of light for those who follow them.

Spouses of military personnel

An important role is played by a military spouse, who becomes a “housewife”. Spouse support is vital to the overall success of your military. If the household is not stable or single, this can affect not only the efficiency of the serviceman, but also the level of his preparation for the team. An unstable and unified military home could jeopardize the mission of the command. For this reason, military families need prayers and support from our country. How can our country remain a military superpower if our military houses are unstable and the approach of the military is strongly divided?

Military families are busy:

Although they do not wear uniforms, they also serve this country. They lose their holidays, birthdays, wedding anniversaries and milestones without their beloved military man. Even when hard times come, they endure, knowing that this moment of extreme difficulty will pass. Deep in his soul, there is a firm belief that his sacrifice is important and, although small, contributes to lasting freedom and the protection of the fundamental values ​​of this nation. Devotion and loyal support to the military family becomes part of the mosaic of loyal support to all those who preceded them.

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