Guide GTA 5 – Tricks, tips and secrets

The incombustible GTA 5 is a legend in itself: for more years to pass, the community will continue to find reasons to return to Los Santos both in their individual campaign and in GTA Online. If you still have things to do in the Rockstar video game – surely yes – from 3D Games we share some of the essential tricks, tips and secrets of GTA 5 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 that you should keep in mind. Visit this site to use tft boosting service for your game.

Remember that this GTA V guide is constantly updated, so even if you decide to read all the included and linked sections, you may find new things if you come back at another time.

Missions and collectibles: 100% of GTA V

Of course, Grand Theft Auto V has a story, and it is very likely to be the first thing you play in your early hours. But the truth is that apart from the feats of Michael, Franklin and Trevor beyond the margins of the law, you will need something else to complete the 100% GTA V campaign. Click here to use tft boost service for your game.

More specifically, the 69 history missions only account for 50% of the video game. The other half is divided between quests of strangers and crazy people, varied missions, random events and hobbies and hobbies. In addition, we have other collectibles and extra goals to look for if we want to squeeze the individual section of GTA 5.

As you can see, between mandatory and optional objectives we have a lot of material to talk about. There is much more to do than it seems, so why don’t we get to work?

Main story

The “Main story” section of our complete GTA 5 guide describes all the main missions of the campaign. If you want, start directly with the prologue , even if it does not count towards the total percentage. And you can rest easy: any medal is valid for the total percentage.

Strange and crazy

America is full of geeks. We do not say it, it is a matter of the strangers and crazy people of GTA V : 14 very rare people with missions as upset as themselves. Abigail, Maude, Epsilon, Hao, Omega, Dom … each more mischievous than the previous one. Completing them all will add 20% completion to the campaign, and you will get a final mission from strangers and crazy people after finishing 100% of the game.

Various activities

In the “What to do in Los Santos” section of the guide we show all the possible complementary activities of GTA 5. To understand us: they are mini-games and small missions that you play for the pleasure of doing something that you cannot or should allow yourself in the real life. These activities account for 16% of the total completion.

tft boostRandom events

There are a total of 57 random events distributed by Los Santos, of which it is necessary to complete at least 14 to get an additional 14% completion. Do not repeat them! They must be different.

Hobbies and hobbies

The remaining 10% completion is distributed among a series of 59 hobbies and hobbies, of which you must complete at least 42 different. Do you like playing darts? It is one of the many things you can do.

Invest in the stock market and earn a lot of money.

The stock market works in a similar way to GTA as it does in real life, buying and selling properties and shares. What you should keep in mind at all times is that you should buy cheap things and then sell them more expensive.

Take good note of your main competitors in the stock market and their rivals For example, if you invest in a company and then take down a plane or transport truck of your rival, then you will benefit on the stock market. Useful, right? Leave Lester’s missions to the end, yes: if you know in advance which company will lose out on each mission, invest in the opposite to win shares. You will also know who you should invest in after the attack.