Why Bit coin is excellent for traders

It may seem easy to purchase with a credit card, but in reality, card transactions are much more complex. For the merchant, payment may take more than 60 days to be confirmed by a processor such as Visa or MasterCard. This means that a trader may not be able to spend the income of your purchase for 2-3 months! Not to mention the risk of fraud and retro-invoicing.


Bit coin works more like cash. Payments are irreversible, so merchants can accept payments with confidence and do not have to worry about fraud or debit.

Because a bit coin wallet is all you need to receive money, any merchant with a phone or computer can accept these payments for free. It is not necessary to register with a payment provider such as PayPal or bank transfer, and 100% of the payment amount lands in the merchant’s pockets.


One of the main advantages of using   bitcoin exchange  is that it offers confidentiality and relative anonymity. You do not need to provide personal data to access a site. Bit coin wallet. All you need is a device to store it – or even just a piece of paper. Bit coin transactions are also related only to the address of your portfolio.


The Bit coin network is essentially a peer-to-peer payment system. That makes you and anyone else send you money to the parties concerned. You do not have to call your bank to complete the transaction. There is less risk of losing a payment in the ether, making it a more reliable means of payment.