Access to Top Quality Accounting Service in Singapore   

Accounting Services is one of the best outlets to patronize when looking for top quality accounting services for your business in Singapore.  This company has got what it takes to meet your needs and get your tax returns prepared appropriately and promptly. The company is a premier firm for tax- and accounting-related services.  The services provided at this outlet are cost effective also and will not cost you an arm and a leg.  The company has got what it takes to provide different types of end-to-end corporate accounting services that will further promote your business in Singapore.  When looking for a trusted accounting firm in Singapore, simply get in touch with this outlet and you will always get good value for money.

trusted accounting firm in Singapore

Accounting Services offers different categories of accounting service packages and you can always find a particular package that suits your specific business need.  Some of the available packages that make Accounting Services a trusted accounting firm in Singapore are highlighted below:

  • Package 1: It offers a compilation report and corporate tax services. You will get Annual Compilation Report, Computation of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI). Tax computation and supporting schedules.
  • Package 2: It offers bookkeeping, corporate tax services and compilation report. You will get management accounts on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis among several other benefits.
  • Package 3: It offers bookkeeping, corporate tax services, GST and compilation report.
  • Package 4: It offers Corporate Secretarial Services, Tax Services, Accounting Services and Incorporation

The cost of each of the packages differs from one to another. You should first consider what the specific need of your business is before you choose any of the packages.