Beauty Hacks: Make Your Manicure Last Longer Than Anyone Else!

Every girl around the world loves to have a good manicure that can last up to a couple of months. But this one is the most common enemies of nail lovers out there because manicure nowadays can be easily chipped, cracked, and peeled off. And that’s every girl’s nightmare, right?

To be honest, nail polishes are not meant to last forever. Sad, right? That’s why this article is written today to share some secrets hacks to make your lovely manicure last longer.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea along with your favorite beauty snacks, and read on!

Beauty Hack #1: Soaking Is Forbidden!

The most common process of the manicurist will have you to do is to soak your nails to soften the cuticle. But, soaking your nails will only cause damages. Because of soaking your nails will retain the water and will expand even more.

And once they start painting them, your nails will shrink and the nail polish will no longer match your nails. So make sure to avoid soaking your nails and just skip the cuticle oil.

Beauty Hack #2: Make Use of the Tweezers

Tweezers can save your nails, push your cuticles back and forth gently. This is important to make your manicure to last longer for a couple of months. Doing this will avoid getting your nail polish on your cuticles that can possibly damage the nail polish to lift and peel off.


Beauty Hack #3: Buff Your Nails

Buffing the nails will get rid of the unwanted ridges on the surface of your nails. Other girls have deeper ridges which can possibly cause damage to nail polish to crack. To make your manicure last longer, you should need to buff your nails until they are smooth enough to be painted.

Beauty Hack #3: Double the Coat!

One of the hacks is to double coat your nails. You can use a sticky basecoat and apply two coats but you should need to focus on the tip. Since nail tips are prone to chipping from the common daily task such as typing, texting, and washing the dishes, so applying a basecoat will make the manicure last even longer.

Beauty Hack #4: Make Use of the Top Coat

Topcoat plays an important role to make your manicure last even longer. Applying a Tops semipermanentes will strengthen and protect your nails. The topcoat can protect simple manicure even more and of course, it can strengthen out nail arts.

So after applying a double coat onto your nails, make sure to apply an additional top coat to make it stronger than the usual coating.