Top Frequently Asked Questions for Your Group’s Motor Coach Tour

Assume that you have found the right chicago motor coach for your group tours and trip. However, aside from booking, there are things that you must be aware of. This is to prevent potential misunderstandings and confusion for both of you and the rental company that you have chosen.

Sure, renting a motor coach for your Chicago trip is convenient and efficient. But if you’re not aware of some precautions and differences, your happy and exciting tour can turn into a disaster.

So to avoid this from happening, here are the following frequently asked questions for your group’s motor coach tour.

  1. Can Passengers Drink Alcohol Inside the Motor Coach?

Many rental companies will allow their adult passengers to drink alcoholic beverages inside their buses. However, some of them will require a refundable deposit. Why is that? This is to ensure that if anything happens like damaging their bus property accidentally due to the influence of alcohol, they can guarantee that damages have been paid off. Usually, rental companies do this to cover any expenses that may occur during the drinking session.

Also, safety is the number one priority of all rental companies, any wrong move or negligence due to alcohol drinking can lead to catastrophic events along the road.

  1. Do Motor Coaches Have Plenty of Storage Space?

Yes! Compared to other vehicles and forms of group transportation, motor coaches have an enormous amount of storage space. Inside the coach, you can see overhead bins above the passenger’s seat, like the ones you see from airplanes, which keep the passengers’ belongings safe and secured during the trip.

Also, under the coach, there is storage space or known as luggage bays, that can be used to store large pieces of equipment that are needed for your group’s tour. These compartments can accommodate and hold heavy pieces of equipment and luggage.

That’s why if your group needs extra storage, it is highly recommended to ask your reservation specialist which bus is available before paying for a reservation.

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  1. Do Motor Coach Has Restrooms?

Yes! A standard and typical motor coach has a built-in toilet and hand-washing station. Though space is a bit limited and using this bathroom can be quite tricky because the bus is moving, but it still possible to do your personal thing like peeing.

Also, if possible, you can request your fellow passengers to utilize the bus’s toilet sparingly to maximize the advantage of the more spacious restroom at the fuel stations, and some rest stops.

  1. Do Motor Coaches Wheelchair Accessible?

If you have a fellow passenger that needs special attention, don’t worry because all motor coaches and rental companies are mandated by the law to provide wheelchair-accessible coaches if the client requested. However, some rental companies don’t always have wheelchair lifts, so it is highly recommended to ask for a handicap coach rental specifically.

Moreover, when you book for a wheelchair accessible coach, you will receive a rental that includes a wheelchair lift for the passenger to ride safely.

  1. Who Will Drive the Motor Coach?

Don’t worry about the driver, most reliable and trusted rental companies provide high-quality services for the convenience and comfort of their passengers. Your chosen chicago motor coach rental will give you a professional and licensed driver. Your coach driver is in charge of the group’s safety, so look for a company with outstanding driver reputations and standards.