Using Inositol for OCD Treatment

OCD is a very common mental disorder. People with OCD are involved in repetitive obsessive actions and / or obsessive thoughts that cause concern. One out of 50 people has a certain shape. It is one of the most studied mental disorders, and many different methods of treating OCD symptoms have been created. SSRIs and drugs for tricyclic depression are the most common, but there is a drug that has shown some promise in clinical trials. The drug is called inositol.

How it works?

Inositol is a very common chemical. This is a special type of carbohydrate. It is an important chemical in plants and animals and is a chemical precursor of a special class of compounds called secondary messengers. Secondary messengers do most of the hard work of the chemical structure of the body.

When a hormone or other chemical comes into contact with the outside of the cell, receptors are called in the cell. When these receptors are active, secondary messenger reagents are formed and move from the receptor to the cell nucleus. The cell responds to the message and deals with the hormone. For example, when adrenaline rises, your liver turns glycogen into glucose. Adrenaline does not transform, but it causes the liver to create a secondary messenger, called cyclic AMP, that does the job. Your body synthesizes choline bitartrate inositol benefits naturally in the kidneys, producing several grams per day.

body's serotonin systems

Inositol is used to create secondary messengers with a wide range of body functions, including nerve impulses, fat burning and insulin regulation. Inositol plays an important role in the formation of secondary messengers that work with the body’s serotonin systems. Created chemicals work similarly to SSRI drugs. SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors prevent reabsorption of the body by serotonin.

Serotonin ingredient

Serotonin is found in virtually all forms of life and has a wide range of functions. For people with certain mental illnesses, serotonin levels are very low. An increase in the amount of serotonin in the body increases the subjective feelings of well-being and happiness. Thus, SSRIs are used to balance this important chemical in anxiety and depression. OCD is considered an anxiety disorder.

Inositol is considered a nutrient and is found in fruits, nuts, grains and beans. Unfortunately, inositol, with the exception of fruit, is not in bioavailable form without additional processing. Melons, dried plums, grapefruits and oranges have the highest levels of bioavailable inositol. Soy lecithin also contains a large amount of inositol.


Scientists are not sure which additional choline and inositol benefits are needed to be the minimum effective dose for treating OCD. The amount of fruit you need to eat to reach the 18 grams used in the test is unrealistic. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the fetus may not be enough to cause a noticeable improvement. Inositol supplements are also available on the market. The taste of inositol is slightly sweet, so large amounts should be taken in the form of a pill or powder.