In these days, we can easily find computers with everyone. Because computers plays major role almost for all businesses, even at home. This means, people aware of the importance of using computer for their needs. We can simply rely on them and the technology to help in many daily activities like shopping, banking, managing almost every business, communication, and much more. Since the computer technology and the things are kept on changing, they even have loved by most of the people.

Operating System

As mentioned earlier, the computer technology is keep on changing and sometimes this even make difficult for the customers and for the business in keeping the current system, because the invention makes expensive. Nowadays, the needs of computer become important among people. When we look deep into this, we can come to know the importance and one should know deep about this.

As how the people keep on using the computers, the developers and the inventors keep on inventing new things regarding the computers. As how the people keep on using the computer for various purposes, they should update their knowledge to use the device. Those who are using the computer may aware of the term called OS i.e. Operating System. On other words, we can say this is the term to make an invention to update the device based on the needs.

Simply we can predict that windows XP is the first OS and this keep on updated and now we can find windows 10 is the latest OS to install to the computer. Those who keep on updating their system definitely change their OS as windows 10. As stated earlier, with each invention, we can find some new invention. In windows 10, people can use the computer for two different purpose at same time. We can say this as splitting the screen.

If you want to know how to use the split screen windows 10 with your device, better you can go through the link. Internet is always best place to learn new things without the intervention of external person. And the link mentioned earlier can offer you the right place to learn new things to invent to your computer. Try to learn many things about your system and invent new technique into this, this will help you at some point. Everything made possible with the single click.


The scenes of beautiful landscape or portraits shot in an artistic way always catches eye as well as grab the attention of spectators from all across the world. Talking quite specifically photography could be said as an art or activity that allows in the capturing an image or for its creation on a camera. Even it could be said that the history may be preserved successfully for the future generation with the help of camera and photography.

purpose of photo editing

Photo editing

One of the most significant stages of photography involves the post production stage in which the different ways of photo editing is included more often. Even after a photo is taken without any technical mistake and the results show a good picture in order to make it even better all most every photographer applies the editing in their photographs. There are several improvements which could be done in a photograph. There are many soft ware’s available for the purpose of photo editing, photolemur is one of them.

Several adjustments could be done in White Balance, Contrast, Noise Reduction, colour, exposure, lens correction as well as cropping and resizing a picture with simple digital photo editing processes. However, several advanced and complex techniques of editing a picture include-

  • Techniques of clipping path which is done from a simple to an advance level.
  • Dropping of shadows in order to show the proper reflection in the picture.
  • The corrections that has to make in portraits.
  • Making special effects in a photograph.
  • For the adjustments of visuals as well as texts.
  • For doing masking and adding layers to the photo.
  • Manipulating a photograph.

After all the editing processes are done a retouching to the photo and an image enhancement is done. Now in the world where everything is commercialized photography is also done actively and it is said to be quite significant from the aspect of marketing. This also increases the importance of editing in a business.

Editing of a picture is a process which eliminates most of the unwanted and irrelevant objects in a virtual photo. The editors in the professional world of photography use really complex software of editing photos and with the increase in the craze of photography many software which enables the feature of editing as well as there are many applications available on the Google play store like photolemur. These applications are really convenient and easy to use.