Introducing, The Man Behind Maydex

If there’s anything that you need to know about Maydex, a new organization in Zurich, that is how this business came about. Who was the person behind its success? That is no other than Patrick Landau. If you want to know more about this amazing man, then this article is definitely for you.

All About Patrick Landau

Patrick Landau became very known not only for his successes but also for the struggles that he had to go through, which he openly talks about, in order to reach his dreams. This young adult who was raised in a Jewish family braved life abroad just to live his dream and make himself a better man.

Patrick Landau And Maydex

Maydex is the new organization in Zurich where Patrick Landau is the CEO. This was put into place by a team of specialists who were specifically selected for their sector-specific and geographic knowledge in different fields – transport, energy, aeronautics, as well as security and defense. One of his well-known moves was when he advises the British Aerospace who is the European leader when it comes to defense electronics, to purchase Leonardo.

Patrick Landau from Israel

Because of this, popularly named individuals from Italy started to trust him. His name started to become a prominent one.

Landau also admitted that ever since he likes to do things the right way. Because of the success of his business, and when people started to see how he runs it, more and more individuals wanted to work for, and with Maydex. The company has proven that it is a guarantee when it comes to security in this uncertain world.

Maydex, The Future of Security Technology

Because of hard work and continuous innovation, the business is looking up for Patrick Landau and his company. In today’s generation, Maydex is considered the cutting edge when it comes to security technology. Landau has been involved in international operations, but he is convinced that no matter how challenging it would be, he will remain to be one of the last old-fashioned consultants.

At sixty-something, Patrick Landau shows no signs of stopping. He still keeps himself updated by reading news articles in six different languages. This way, he is updated and is in line with finding great deals from all around the world.