The Thrilling Last Day of Earth

No one would love to live his or her last day on earth on the verge of survival. But a rising mobile game unfolds for gamers and makes its presence felt online. Last Day on Earth: Survival is a zombie survival game. All survivors are driven by one goal: to stay alive as long as they can. This is all about survival and there is no place left for friendship, love, and compassion. When the apocalypse comes, you can’t rely on someone except yourself and your weapon.

This mobile is from Kefir! Studios. The games for both iOS and Android. It is currently in the early stages of BETA. Literally, the player is left alone to survive and has to deal with the challenges.

The Basics of Surviving

In order to become a survivor in this game, you have to shelter yourself with a strong base and equip yourself with calmness, and craftiness. Building a strong base  protects your life and belongings from the attacks of the zombies and other players. You also have to craft and place traps to take captives and teach them a lesson for having stolen from you. You have to keep on improving your skills and craft more weapons to knock heads of zombies and other survivors.

The True Spirit of Surviving

Surviving has never been this hard. This game teaches you to do away with the trust in order to survive. You find yourself suited against zombies and other players. You can’t show any weaknessand you have to show domination and control in this post- apocalyptic world. Your vehicle must be crafted as a zombie survival vehicle. With luck on your side, you get to ride a chopper. Aside from zombies and other players, you are beset with other difficulties. The games give you so much challenges which include wild animals, hunger, thirst and cold.  You also have to survive just like some of the primitive men. You don’t have consistent water supply so be ready with your rain catcher. You also have to face the challenge of killing other players for survival.

Clans, Chats and Territories

The game provides you with features that could work on your favor. You are free to search for abandoned military bunkers and find and take any resources you could have and use your well – crafted vehicle to roam around the ruins of the city. You can travel to distant regions and build shelter there or anywhere else. You can also join a clan and claim territories with them. Your clan works for you. You can also engage in a chat with other players. So you have to grab this opportunity. Chattingequips you with the second most important resource to survive more days in this game.

Last Day of Earth: Survival has a great promise ahead of it. It may be in its BETA but the survival experience that it gives every player is commendable.The challenges that come along with the game would make it a big hit among online gamers. You don’t have to depend on the last day on earth survival hack to make the most of the game. Playing it for real is thrilling.